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Fathom File 006.1: Grorn (Midgard Form)
From the Files of Frank Womack, Kaiju Expert*

Kaiju File #  006

Grorn (Grawrn)

First Seen: Somalian Coastline, Africa
Last Seen: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Current Location Unknown)

Primary Range:

Dietary Preference: Unknown

 See Fathom File 006.0: Grorn for general information. Specifics below:

    -The form of Grorn dubbed the Midgard stage is lithe and serpentine anatomically, lacking in functional limbs and extremely flexible. Each of its two ends, one resembling a beaked anglerfish and the other a one-eyed draconic stag, function as a nerve center of their own, and when required are able to independently operate when facing multiple antagonists. The large crystal node between the two is able to shift and split its mass into two smaller thagomizers, and is believed to aid in the pair's coordination. Multiple spires resembling basalt in composition rise out of its hide, their appearance varying each time and able to amass in greater numbers when in physical combat. 

Defense Protocols:
 See Fathom File 006.0: Grorn for active Defense protocols.

Noteworthy Abilities: See 
Fathom File 006.0: Grorn for standard abilities shared between forms.


-Bilateral Control: An ability only shown to be utilized by the Midgard form, Grorn is capable of splitting its body into two separate pieces, each able to do battle separately with no visible signs of fatigue or strain from operating two bodies. They are even capable of using teamwork against troublesome enemies.

-Mana Pulse: The most iconic of Grorn's abilities, as well as its most frightening. It begins when the crystals atop its body begin to glow, and the world around it begins to change. Plants wilt, birds fall out of the sky, people experience several decades worth of aging, all in seconds. Grorn is able to drain the life-force of any unaltered terrestrial lifeform into itself, channeling that energy into one of the deadliest attacks any known kaiju possesses. Depending on its form, the delivery changes, (in the Midgard form's case, it is emitted by both ends of its body, each shooting energy at the central crystal protrusion) but the result is the same, the area is whited out in a bright light and a deafening shockwave, leaving a smoldering crater and, typically, no remains. Few things have survived this attack, and those that have rarely surface on earth. After utilizing this, Grorn typically returns to the earth to rest, as much of its reserves can be expended in the attack.

During the initial Verminator attack in Rio de Janeiro, O.V.E.R. soldiers were driven to their wits end to remove the creatures, who simply kept growing and regenerating the harder they hit them. Three in particular had reached kaiju sized proportions, carnal chimeras of many different species that were, at least it seemed, not going anywhere. The high command of O.V.E.R. were beginning to consider more extreme options, even bringing nuclear weapons into the discussion, but they never got to finish. As I mentioned in the Verminator file, Grorn, in its Terra state we had always seen before, emerged from the nearby rainforest, causing a cacophony of birds to scatter in all directions. The Verminators did not take immediate notice, and the titanic guardian used that to its advantage, crashing its club tail into one of their skulls, and a nearby skyscraper, with mechanical precision. The creature fell to the ground, gurgling and creating a cloud of dust that got the attention of the remaining two, but before they could reach their 'comrade' (I'm not sure what sort of kinship verminators have, to be honest) Grorn disappeared into the ground, taking the corpse with it. No one's sure what happened to it, but I have a pretty good idea. Grorn has shown amazing heat and pressure resistance, so I think it actually dropped it down to the earth's mantle and left it there to burn, removing any chance of regeneration. I have no proof, and Grorn hasn't used this technique against a lot of its past opponents, but it would make sense. 

When Grorn reappeared, the two verminators were ready, and they double teamed the elemental with a precision you would not expect from creatures only a few hours old. They slashed, kicked and bit the creature, baiting and switching like they'd been doing it for millennia, and it was beginning to wear Grorn down. With a deafening roar, it slammed its tail into the ground, creating a shockwave that created some space between it and the genetic freaks. Then its body began to glow, and something no one expected happened. Grorn's body changed shape, shedding its rocky limbs and growing significantly longer. Its plain head became horned and elegant, and in a bright flash, a serpentine creature, the Midgard form, was ready to do battle. 

The Verminators went down remarkably quickly after this, unable to keep up with their newfound foe's increased agility and ability to be in two places at once. O.V.E.R. soldiers could only look on, in awe of yet another surprise from a kaiju unlike any other. Eventually, the pair fell, without the use of the mana pulse it used on the Amminots in Dubai, which left the entire city a crater of glass. No, these two fell from strength, cunning and teamwork, and when Grorn spirited them away under the earth, the people of O.V.E.R., despite their strict protocol, cheered. 

But only for a moment, they were all silenced moments later. Grorn, knowing more Verminators would spring up from the carnage, laid waste to the city, scorching the entirety of its perimeter, the survivors and O.V.E.R. soldiers, and even much of the neighboring rainforest, all in order to remove the threat of the Verminators. It was... a lot to take in. 

Grorn, to reiterate, cares nothing for individual species, only the equilibrium of nature itself. And the fact that it had destroyed two major cities, and not battled a single standard kaiju, said a lot about its priorities.


Surprise! I managed to get another one done thanks to some new mastery of clipstudio! This one is hardly new, but I suppose you've never seen this sort of look for Grorn unless you've followed me actively since, like, 2012. Sans one sketchdump I've never really done another of Grorn's forms, but they've been sitting in my noggin since his 'verse was first introduced, and its only now, in the Fathom universe, that we have our first official look.

I've got a few more forms planned, but they emerge over time and there's no reason to rush things. For now, just take in Grorn's lack of compassion for humanity, despite its multiple attempts at saving them. He's a benign force in the Fathom universe, and one of the planned 'hero' kaiju, but he's not exactly benevolent. Its all black and white to him, and we often earn his ire. But don't worry, he's not the worst humanity has to deal with. That comes later. ;)

Enjoy, and feel free to comment. The next file should come soon. We're now clear of the world building and right back into the main plot, so look forward to that. I've got an old classic coming soon!
Fathom File 011: Verminator
From the Files of Frank Womack, Kaiju Expert*

Kaiju File #  011


First Seen: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Last Seen: Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean

Primary Range:
 Urban Areas

Dietary Preference: Organic Matter

 A visceral menagerie of creatures, any kaiju coded as a 'Verminator' is in fact a chimera of many different common scavenger species born from the consumption of kaiju cells. They vary greatly in size, shape and temperament, but most share common attributes with brown rats, corpse flies and scavenger birds such as buzzards and crows. Depending on the locality, other more exotic species such as wild canids and crustaceans may be present. No matter the exact mix, however, the Verminator will be an asymmetrical, misshapen creature that has yet to shed its desire  to feed despite its evolution beyond such functions. 

Defense Protocols: Fire. Much like Amminots, a Verminator is viable to regrow from the smallest tissue sample at a much greater speed than the average kaiju. So if a blob is seen, set it on fire immediately, and make sure you've got a good exterminator to prevent outbreaks of rats, ants, roaches and flies. Should a larger one appear, the best recourse is to bait it into an open area and vaporize it with a SOL blast. Any and all efforts should be taken without hesitation to prevent more from rising up. If one kaiju sized chimera is bad, a horde of smaller ones is much worse.

Noteworthy Abilities:

-Extreme Regeneration: A verminator, true to most of the abomination class of kaiju, possesses a much wilder, more extreme healing factor than the average leviathan or behemoth, recovering from wounds at more than twice the speed. However, this regeneration is far from perfect and prone to mutation, often contributing further to the vestigial, unnecessary physical attributes covering these beasts. Each piece is capable of forming another of its kind provided it is consumed by another organism, and as such a Verminator is considered extremely dangerous.

-A 'Gore-necropia': Whatever attributes a Verminator's original forms possessed, in time it will come to possess them too. For instance, a chimera containing avian attributes will grow wings, and at times is even able to use them to achieve lift, but mostly these are just used to wildly bludgeon anything in its path.

As kaiju attacks continued to spread across the globe, and as the valiant efforts of O.V.E.R. to eradicate them propagated, a lot of unforeseen consequences began to rear their ugly heads. And I mean that literally. Many of them had multiple heads. Verminators, as appropriate a name as ever there will be, are a dark shadow of the kaiju world we live in, a consequence not entirely unlike the earlier Amminot blooms, but in many ways much worse. And now, thanks to some recent internal changes at U.N.D.E.R. HQ, I have the ability and clearance to tell them in more detail. Hence the swanky new folder style. 

The first known case was in Rio de Janeiro, a megatropolis of the mid 21st century with as much excess as poverty, much like any corner of the world. The kaiju T'zakka had appeared nearby and was deterred by O.V.E.R. forces immediately, and in the process they managed to wound the creature with several new weapons, including a new and improved missile called the Gae Bolg that has seen quite a bit of active duty ever since. The creature still escaped, of course, and business resumed. But in some remote corners of the city, the favelas and cartel controlled spaces, a silent menace began to breed in the dark. People began to notice a lot of the native wildlife, from the rats to the dogs and even birds and monkeys, was beginning to disappear. Then after that it was people, the homeless and the drunkards. After a while it began to impact people that others would miss, and then the fresh circle of hell broke loose from under the city.

Several dog sized rat creatures, with bodies as unusual and chaotic as they came, began to consume the locals, and within 12 hours the favela was empty and they moved to richer pastures. By the time O.V.E.R. forces arrived, a good chunk of the city had fallen into chaos, and the creatures were getting bigger quickly. They succeeded in firebombing the beasts, reducing many to piles of ash, but that didn't stop the surviving pieces from John Carpenter-ing themselves back into bigger mutations. Much like previous cases, their violent response, while saving lives, also endangered many more, but unlike some previous cases where the worst that happened was a trampled town or a few sunken ships, this one had the potential to become much worse.

You see, kaiju cells are very interesting. As Doctor Gaither's research shows, the cells all share a degree of connection to their host form, and their behavior when separated is usually very hard to predict. Many samples taken from kaiju attack sites disintegrated within minutes, making them indecipherable, but others at times would begin to regenerate without haste, regrowing the entire kaiju from scratch, provided they have ample space and no distractions. But when consumed by non-kaiju life forms, they do what they do best, adapt to the new bioform and make the most of it, and in this case we made ourselves a real doozy of a creature.

Before the day of fighting was done, three Verminators (named by a dear friend of mine over the net) towered over the city, full kaiju in every sense of the word. They all had various traits of birds, beasts and bugs splattering out of themselves, and they likely had no intention of stopping their growth. They regenerated from every blow almost instantly and were too surrounded by populated lands to get the SOL there.

But, and thank god for it, something else decided to come to our aid. An old friend who honestly is probably getting really tired of our shit right about now. Grorn arose from the forest, and charged the beasts, but unlike the single Amminot in Dubai, this time it was outnumbered. Well, at first, anyway.

After the battle passed, Grorn disappeared and the Verminator became another cautionary tale. Be wary of causing flesh wounds when battling kaiju, and always scour areas the flesh might have fallen. You never know what could come from that violence. 


Hello again! I'm back with a vengeance after taking my month off and I have got some crazy stuff for you guys! First of all, the new bio style. 

I deeply enjoyed putting the new look together, trying to evoke a slightly more professional appearance to show the in-universe upgrade Frank has received from U.N.D.E.R. There are a lot of different features you'll get to see soon, too. 

Now then, the Verminator is an old concept I originally wrote for my bizarre toku concept Monsterman as a first enemy for the title character to fight. It seemed like a good fit to bring into Fathom the more I looked at it, and with a few origin tweaks and design aesthetic changes, here we have another deadly consequence of violence against monsterkind. And believe me, we have not seen the last of them. I have some big plans for these guys. Big plans indeed. 

We're about done with the side monsters, too. In two more entries, we'll be back to the main plotline and that'll steamroll us right into the big DAM moment I've been teasing. But we've got to get there first. ;)

So, I'm back! Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. Feel free to drop a comment. See you soon.
I'm sure people have noticed my lack of activity in the last month, and I figured I should explain a little why I've seemingly abandoned my scheduled updates. I received new art software as a birthday gift and it really opens up new possibilities for where I can take my files. So I decided I'm taking the month of May off from posting in order to make up my mind and flex my muscles with this new program. Thanks for the patience!
Fathom Mecha File 001: Unuk
From the Files of Frank Womack, Kaiju Expert*

MECHA File #  001

UNUK (formerly Negaphopis)

First Seen: Site Duat, Sahara Desert 
Last Seen: Site Duat, Sahara Desert 

Primary Range:
 Site Duat, Sahara Desert

Dietary Preference: Unknown

 The first of many identified Precursor Mechanoids, Unuk conforms to a highly serpentine, mostly featureless body plan, with a black, glossy outer hull believed to be made from a single mold. Its body, like all precursor models, is composed of unknown, nigh indestructible materials, only unlike most of the piloted mecha, who have a milky, off-white color, Unuk's shell is dark and lacks the capacity for a pilot, instead it is controlled by rudimentary AI commands. Its body is seamless in appearance, but when its coils stretch beyond certain angles, seams of bright purple energy radiate through previously invisible cracks. But what is most interesting is that Unuk's head is capable of splitting into three separate smaller ones, each on their own partitioned, fully independent neck. When connected, they can emit a purple energy shield around its vulnerable central control hub at the base of its necks. This field of energy, whether by design or accident, resembles the iconic hood of a cobra, and it is believed that this automaton is what inspired many ancient serpentine creatures in Mediterranean myths.

Automatous by nature, Unuk seems to exist solely as a threshold guardian of the Precursor ruin Site Duat. Encounters with it have been few in number due to the remote location of said site, but satellite surveillance has been steadily monitoring the area for years, and funny enough, it only seems to appear in highly specific circumstances. Humans passing by the site, even entering its depths, are ignored, but if they attempt to loot the area of the ancient technology, its wrath is swift and without mercy. Honestly, its a little disappointing. If we're going to have ancient giant machines, I would at least have made them able to think and feel for themselves. 

Defense Protocols: Unuk is one of the few Precursor relics actually meriting a defense briefing, and as such is apparent that a few core points be covered before we get into specifics. One, the polymers composing a precursor mechanoid are nearly impervious to damage from conventional weapons. Even physical attacks from most kaiju are only capable of doing so much. This means that should Unuk appear in a hostile manner in an urban area, the best one can hope to do it hammer it hard enough to provide a distraction until people can evacuate. Secondly, the mechanoids do not show up on most conventional means of detection. There is little to no warning if one appears, and it is important that people living close to its initial territory be prepared to flee at any time. Jury rigged detectors UNDER procured from Site Xibalba are currently under study, with hopes of providing a means for mass detection of the mechanoid's energy signature long before it should arrive. Thirdly, these machines possess access to energy weapons that we are centuries away from even coming close to, and the damage they can inflict can wipe out entire population centers with no time to prepare.

But, Unuk can be pacified very quickly, provided you have access to one of the devices from Site Xibalba. If it has appeared out of its designated territory, then it means, with no margin of error, that an object was taken from the precursor facility, and should the object be returned or offered to the serpent, it will drop its aggression instantly and return home. That said, it is extremely dangerous and as of yet we have no way to stop it. There are those in the upper tiers of OVER who have speculated using Rigel to attack it and see if that would work, but honestly that amounts to a wasted life for nothing but a guess.

Noteworthy Armaments:

Pitch Blast: An ability unique to Unuk, and one of the stronger energy weapons known among kaiju-sized organisms or otherwise, the mechanical serpent is able to generate an enormous blob of energy so dark no light reflects from it inside of its energy coil. When sufficiently charged, the heads partially split into a large focusing lens and release the energy in a focused dark beam, which is can use to level entire skylines in one go. This beam rarely lasts more than 4 seconds, but the damages caused can be astronomical. 

-Energy Shield: An iconic ability shared by most of the precursor mechs, Unuk is able to generate a powerful shield to defend its body from outside forces. Unuk's mostly is used to protect its energy core, but a more broad one can be erected in front of it as a wall. This barrier can resist attacks from kaiju as powerful as Stormback and can deflect most of the force from a SOL assault.

-Violet Saws: The purple seams running down Unuk's length serve a deadly purpose in close combat with kaijuforms. It has been observed coiling around their bodies and using these seams to emit focused streams of energy, lacerating their bodies and increasing the strength of its grip simultaneously. When used, most kaiju will experience severe skeletal damage, permanently disfiguring them into more misshapen, monstrous forms.

-AI Controlled Tail Orb: The most unusual and difficult to deal with of Unuk's weapons, the tip of its tail is tethered by unknown means to a single violet orb of energy, which appears to have a mind of its own. If ganged up on by multiple monsters, such as Grorn's Midgard Form or a Syyd Germinator, the tail orb can launch itself out with shattering force, and should the battle become more intense, the orb can shape itself into multiple weapon types.

 It all started when an unusually powerful thunderstorm trudged its way across the Sahara desert. No one was sure how it started or sustained itself, in fact meteorologists mostly threw up their arms in disbelief the entire time, but for weeks, one of the driest places on earth was positively bombarded with rainfall. Looking back and knowing what I know, I have a few theories about that storm, but I'll cover that later. The important part is that as the storm cleared, OVER satellites discovered something remarkable that the rains had exposed. Jutting out from the bone-white sands was a sort of inverted, upside-down pyramid, purely black in coloration and bearing architectural similarities to Site Xibalba too great to ignore. But, unlike Xibalba, which was hidden under the Andes, this one was visible for the world to see, and the cat was officially taken out of the bag about that subject. 

World authorities grasped at any connection they could, but it would be years before we really discovered the purpose of such places. Not for lack of trying, though.

Enter one of my personal heroes and one of my few childhood crushes, Doctor Hannah Cathcart. An archaeologist known for bringing light to many fringe theories, her discoveries were a big part of my nascent years, and upon the discovery of the monolith, she volunteered her services to see exactly what sort of place it was. A team of caravaneers, scientists and soldiers were assembled by OVER and sent out, and though what they found inside is classified even to my prying eyes (my sources in UNDER don't have much clearance in their sister organization) what happened AFTER the initial dig was most interesting, and moderately terrifying.

A single artifact was removed, a perfectly seamless, angular white tablet that 3 of the 19 team members swore they could see bright blue writing on. It was taken to an OVER facility northwards on the Algerian coast, where it was going to be studied at length. The chance never came, however. The OVER facility was a pile of rubble the next morning. Without warning, an enormous serpentine form burst out of the earth, slicing through millions of dollars of high grade infrastructure like it was wet paper. What footage of the attack that has been released was mostly done by nearby civilians, and let me tell you, it is awe-inspiring. I've seen some powerful monsters, some more powerful than this one I'm sure, but the precision, the calculated quality this mechanical snake had in its blows, it was almost a religious experience for me.

Doctor Cathcart survived the attack, and joined up with UNDER's precursor studies department shortly thereafter. When I last spoke with her, she told me that the serpent had only come to retrieve the tablet, and that her realizing that was the only reason she was still alive. She had attempted to flee by helicopter as the base went down, but as soon as she left the property, the snake dropped its assault and pursued them several miles like a great black river. It struck down the chopper with a surgical blow from its tail, crashing into the sand, but it was temporarily distracted by an OVER amphibious assault craft, a Kelpie, I think they call it. One shot of its Pitch Blast made short work of the weapons platform, and that was when she realized it wasn't trying to kill her outright. It chose to bring the chopper down with a light attack from its tail blade, not the enormous beam of energy, which would have been much easier. Unsure what would happen but eager to end the loss of life, she relinquished the tablet, placing it down on the sand. At once, the serpent stopped, edged so close to her she could see her reflection in its coils, and it disappeared under the sand, the tablet secure in its maw. Whatever is on that device was worth a lot of power to protect, I'll tell you that much.

And so ended our first encounter with the precursor's parting gift to mankind. It was far from the last, or the most personal, but it made a distinct impression on the people up top. All the better, if not for that attack the abuses we potentially could have unleashed would have been legion. You see, in a very short time we would accidentally stumble onto the greatest of the ancient places, Site Naraka, and the treasures there, for better or worse, were unguarded.


*These files are in no way representative of nor indicating the opinions and/or facts concerning various government bureaus, including but not limited to: The United Nations, UNDER, etc. These are unofficial productions by a private citizen determined to aid the concerned public in the event of a kaiju or extraterrestrial incursion and are in no way to be considered authoritative reports on the aforementioned dangers.


Hello again! Our next file is a bit of a different one from its predecessors, but its no less important to the progression of the Fathom narrative. Meet the first of many mechanical beings left behind on earth by ancient forces of unknown origin.

Unuk is a design many of you, or at least those who have followed me for a while, might recognize. This creature dates back to 2011, an antagonistic mechanical enemy that would battled Grorn in a prior kaiju story. Its name, corny and edgy as it may sound, was Negaphopis, and yes, I thought it was cool back then, sue me. 

I brought it back after realizing how well it fit into my plans for the precursors, who you will be hearing more about soon. For now, I hope you enjoy the design and the mysteries the story brings. Drop a comment if you like. :)
Fathom File 010: Nemene
From the Files of Frank Womack, Kaiju Expert*

Kaiju File #  010

Nemene (Nah-Mee-yin)

First Seen: Gulf of Corinth, Mediterranean Sea 
Last Seen: Heraklion, Crete 

Primary Range:
 Mediterranean Sea

Dietary Preference: Thermal/Electrical Energy

 A benthic terror often hailed as a textbook leviathan class kaiju, Nemene can best be described as a repto-mammalian creature that superficially resembles a feline in silhouette. Residing exclusively in the Mediterranean sea, this creature is known for menacing large vessels, from merchant freighters to luxury cruise liners, on an erratic basis, as well as its valiant, but ultimately doomed, stand against the gargantuan kaiju Stormback on the island of Crete. Its quadrupedal stance is due to oversized front limbs, each armed with an enormous, lethally curved claw that can even rend precursor metals into shreds. Other notable features include its large, pupil-less eyes, well suited for vision on the seafloor, and its electric blue 'mane' of stinging tendrils, which constantly flail around, reaching for nearby objects to determine if they are friend, foe or food. When in combat, these can also deliver a powerful toxin that can slow the regeneration process of most kaiju. The two tentacles located on its shoulders are moreso meant for defensive purposes, lashing out with 360 degree range, laser precision and lightning speed, bludgeoning foes into submission.

Its armament is indeed nasty, and in this case, the personality matches. Nemene exhibits a level of aggression not usually seen in kaiju, attacking any sizable object within its territorial range, both animate and not. Perhaps its sole inhabitance of a large, contained body of water has made it wary of sharing, or perhaps its energy needs are different from the average monster, but all the same, Nemene is widely seen as a threat, though light of more recent sightings, not a catastrophic one.

Defense Protocols: Given Nemene's lack of discretion in choosing targets, several OVER military installments now dot the shoreline of the Mediterranean, which for decades was considered too closed in and tightly packed to have UNDER provisions. The key to deterring the creature lies in the now commonplace Banshee sonic mines, which were invented originally for this scenario. These undersea sonic weapons cause immense localized damage to a kaiju upon entering their proximity, specifically targeting their organs, and often the pain is able to send Nemene back to the depths before any damage can be done. Should you find yourself on a vessel being targeted by Nemene, a call should be placed to OVER, and they will be there within the hour. Its rare to see the creature much anymore, but in case it does emerge from the depths again, merchant vessels are now required to carry several banshees among their cargo. Should those not be enough, a mecha deployment is considered a reasonable response, as it is capable of severely damaging regional infrastructure if left unattended. 

Noteworthy Abilities:

Adaptive Neurotoxin: A feature only seen in a select few monsters, Nemene's tentacle mane is able to inject a powerful toxin into whatever they come in contact with. This ability can cause severe reactions in even the largest kaiju, with effects such as temporary blindness, shortness of breath, local necrosis, and short term paralysis. The toxin, interestingly enough, bears a more than strong resemblance to the one utilized by Amminot Polyps. Further study has yet to be taken.

As kaiju sightings began to increase, the world rallied to find different ways to prevent them from destroying everything about our prior way of life. Organizations such as OVER had invested billions into revolutionary defense technologies, and with every success, there was another failure. But another voice began to rise out of the political quagmire, a voice of scientific reason. People knew how to stop a kaiju in the short term, and successes with that were increasing, but many wondered if, through careful observation and study, a more permanent solution could be found. Experts knew the risks of rushing such a process, Dubai's glassy ruins stood as an immortal monument to that school of thought.

Some also wanted to see if it was possible to truly understand the kaiju, and the similarities and differences in their respective biologies. Most were unaware of Doctor Gaither's own continued, secretive studies after she was spirited away into the bureaucratic depths of UNDER, and had they been this conversation would have been moot. But the events following this scientific venture are, in my opinion, well worth going into detail about.

As mentioned in prior entries, kaiju attacks had made many traditional occupations reconsider their approach to the minutia of their schedules. One such job was working on cargo freighters, a job that occasionally made media waves, though usually only when pirates were involved. With the discovery of enormous aquatic creatures with a penchant for destruction of property, they found themselves shorthanded and forced to pay much more handsomely to secure willing sailors. Some were desperate, others were foolhardy, hoping to revive an age of the mythic qualities of whaling, but either way, in 99% of cases, they wound up disappointed. Except in one pocket of the world. The Mediterranean Sea, not paid much mind since the kaiju outbreak started, was the stomping ground of a very distinctive monster that, unlike most, seemed to enjoy pursuing anything that crossed into its territory. Nemene, I call it. It never failed to appear when something large enough crossed its path, and its enormous claws and vicious temperament had earned it a reputation among the top brass of the defense forces. It crippled trade in the entire region, and people were growing desperate for someone to do something about it. 

Several scientists of OVER's employ took advantage of this, taking a condemned naval vessel out and setting it adrift in the rapidly expanding graveyard of ships Nemene was coming to call home. When the monster appeared, a trained sniper fired a small round with an extremely sensitive tag, burying itself under the kaiju's skin and beginning a detailed analysis into the inner life of the giant monster.

The study went on for over a year until Nemene's near fatal encounter with Stormback caused the tag to dislodge, and some of the results were quite enlightening. Kaiju like Nemene, which were later categorized as leviathans, were quite different on the inside from more ground-bound kaiju like Meeraj, now classified as a behemoth. They reside full time on the seafloor, usually parking it near volcanic vents, and they seem to not require respiration to function in the abyss. Nemene migrated occasionally, changing its resting place from one geothermal vent to a volcano bed every few months, and then back again. Secondly, while all kaiju we know possess internal organs, a leviathan's body is lined with several we haven't encountered anywhere else in nature, a series of nerve-like ganglia that run up and down their skin, usually on their backs. There's a superficial resemblance to the Ampullae of Lorenzini used by sharks, but the true function is quite different. Nemene was no exception to this, and the reason for these was revealed when the team learned an enormous bombshell about kaiju, the only time they typically surface. A single ascent was logged that didn't come from a passing ship, during a powerful thunderstorm. The reason for this became clear after checking a chart of recorded lightning strikes alongside its territory. Several, more than normal in fact, struck right where Nemene was projected to have breached, and in one flash of clarity, we knew how kaiju survived with such enormous bulks without eating everything on the entire planet in a month. 

The exacts are still a mystery, but most kaiju subsist on energy. the more they can get the better. It explained the stories of so many sailors and their stormy night encounters with monsters too. The theories had been circulating for years, but now there was finally proof.

Most interesting of all was a discovery Doctor Gaither had made years before but chose to keep quiet. Kaiju, unlike all known forms of life, have a much more complex protein makeup. We have 4 base proteins making up a double helix of DNA, everything on earth is made of those. Except kaiju, which have 17, most of which are unknown to science, on a six strand chain. Even I'm scratching my head on that one. But the discoveries we owe to Nemene all have plenty of merit regardless. It may just take a while to understand them. In the meantime, I personally pray for a speedy recovery for the bastard. Stormback got him good.

*These files are in no representative of nor indicating the opinions and/or facts concerning various government bureaus, including but not limited to: The United Nations, UNDER, etc. These are unofficial productions by a private citizen determined to aid the concerned public in the event of a kaiju or extraterrestrial incursion and are in no way to be considered authoritative reports on the aforementioned dangers.


Hey guys! I know this post is almost two weeks late, but there's a pretty important real world reason behind it. I just had to change jobs recently, and the work that went into that prevented me from really sinking into my typical creative pursuits. But now that's all settled, and I'm happy to say my new schedule still will allow me to have new monsters bi-weekly. :)

Now, Nemene is a years old idea that I never got around to posting, but he was originally a potential design for Umbara back when I was putting the Fathom universe together. When designing a kaiju, if inspiration fails me, I like to start my process by listing the rough traits I want for the creature, ie tentacles, teeth, evoking land and sea simultaneously, etc. and then just spitballing different ways to combine those parts until I find something I like. Mostly that's just one design, but in this case, I had two I adored and really wanted to use. One worked better as a first monster, so the other was relegated to a minor, but still important role. 

Now, Nemene also marks the next to last of the 'setting dressing' kaiju that will exist in this part of the story, and after one more we'll begin the next important stage of the sage of humanity and monsters. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks, and feel free to fave and comment. I live for conversations about monsters!


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Hey everybody! For those who haven't been in the know, I've been a real ghost on the internet in general these past six months. The reasons for that are many, and range from being very personal to very financial.

Well, I can now say that the overwhelming majority of those issues are behind me. I've got a new place, miles away from the inlaws I've had to stay with, a job that allows me to afford it, and my own internet connection! So, for the most part, consider this an official announcement of my return to the interwebs.

The only remaining hiccup is that I'm still working off of an older computer. My tablet works on it, but the jury's still out on my old art programs running worth a crap on it. So art might be a little later in coming, and it'll probably involve a lot of stuff starting from scratch again. Hopefully, though, everything will work out.

Here's looking at you guys! See you again soon! 

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